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Refugee Children in Austria and International Obligations - Vol. 1

Refugee Children in Austria and International Obligations - Vol. 1

CRC, ECHR, GRC and other relevant international and European legal instruments; Austria and the CRC; international protection in Austria

Saarbruecker Verlag fuer Rechtswissenschaften ( 15.07.2010 )

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The situation and the treatment of persons seeking or having been awarded asylum (or other forms of "international protection") is emotionally and controversially discussed throughout the EU. This paper examines the legal and factual situation in Austria concerning a certain group among these persons, namely those under age. Moreover there is a comprehensive presentation of those legal instruments under public international and European law relevant to asylum seekers/refugees in general, and to those under age in particular, with a focus on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the European Convention of Human Rights and the Geneva Refugee Convention. Vol. 1 deals with the international part, Austria's relation to the CRC, asylum and international protection and other forms of lawful residence in Austria. Vol. 2 addresses issues related to family law (such as guardianship for unaccompanied refugee children), integration, family reunification, welfare support and medical care. The various fields of the Austrian situation are commented in regard of their conformity with the above-mentioned public international and European law.

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